Week 5: Here’s What Happened Last Week

As the deadline to “crossover” bills in the other legislative chamber approaches, and less than a month until General Assembly members ajourn, lawmakers are working quickly to finish up the session strong.

Here is what you missed last week.

Virginia women packed committee rooms demanding a debate on the Equal Rights Amendment. Virginia is one of the states that never ratified the amendment and thus never made it into the U.S. Constitution. Women voters on Friday sang and chanted as Republican lawmakers refused to move a resolution to ratify the amendment.  

LGBT Virginias suffered a major setback Thursday as Republican lawmakers in the House of Delegates killed four bills that would have provided protection against discrimination from landlords and public employers.

The Virginia House of Delegates gave the OK to a bill the would limit school suspensions to 45 days, as opposed to the current maximum suspension of 364 days.

Two bills have moved forward in the Virginia General Assembly and two court cases challenging how political districts are drawn could chip away gerrymandering, the unfair drawing of district lines, in the commonwealth.

Virginia students at one Virginia school are turning lessons into laws. Students at Centreville High school in Fairfax County Thu Le and Rodolfo Faccini crafted legislation to allow Virginians to be able to text 911 in case of an emergency where they may not be able to call. Sen. George Barker, D-Fairfax, introduced the legislation on the students’ behalf.